We help Managed Care
Organizations prevent hospitalizations

We continuously track and analyze
key chronic disease biomarkers

We help patients manage chronic conditions
without compromising quality of life

Predictive analytics for improved disease management

Passive tracking of patients & actionable insights

Increased patient compliance & satisfaction

Patients are provided a single, easy-to-use device that answers all health monitoring needs and requires no input

Accurate & continuous patient population health data

Echo Labs wearable technology uses optical sensors and spectrometry to measure and analyze vitals and a full blood gas panel with unmatched accuracy

Better decisions & improved outcomes

Echo Labs platform alerts disease management teams at the first signs of trouble, allowing time for intervention before an acute event and reducing hospitalizations

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Current openings

Chief Medical Officer (part-time)

– Lead development of first clinical application of the Echo Labs product (condition, population)
– Provide scientific input to protocol development and data collection variables
– Provide input to regulatory process
– Monitor and review incoming clinical trial data
– Review data analyses, presentation and interpretation of on-going studies and published data
– Participate in the preparation of presentations for scientific meetings and congresses
– Support the development of relationships with external key opinion leaders
– Manage Scientific Advisory Boards (SABs)
– Identify new clinical research opportunities

Firmware Lead

– Create and architect the firmware of all Echo Labs devices
– FreeRTOS implementation on ARM M4F / M3 architecture
– Implement algorithms in C for embedded environment
– Interface with other chips
– Maintain existing forks of the firmware across clients
– Provide object code with full documentation to clients

Internal Operations Manager

– Manage all office needs (current and prospective vendors, supplies, basic IT, employee needs)
– Keep people organized and on track (calendar management, process management)
– Play a key role in our HR processes (job postings, outbound recruiting efforts, filtering candidates, company policies, onboarding of new employees, coordination of interviews)
– Manage basic legal, budgeting, and accounting tasks (expense tracking, insurance, budget for events, office lease)
– Organize meetings and social events
– Support the clinical research team (trial recruitment, equipment needs)

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