We help Managed Care
Organizations prevent hospitalizations

We continuously track and analyze
key chronic disease biomarkers

We help patients manage chronic conditions
without compromising quality of life

Predictive analytics for improved disease management

Passive tracking of patients & actionable insights

Increased patient compliance & satisfaction

Patients are provided a single, easy-to-use device that answers all health monitoring needs and requires no input

Accurate & continuous patient population health data

Echo Labs wearable technology uses optical sensors and spectrometry to measure and analyze vitals and a full blood gas panel with unmatched accuracy

Better decisions & improved outcomes

Echo Labs platform alerts disease management teams at the first signs of trouble, allowing time for intervention before an acute event and reducing hospitalizations

What they say about us

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VP of Business Development

– Responsible for qualifying, pitching, and managing relationships with health plans, ACOs, self-insured employers and
other risk bearing organizations
– Work with the CEO and Chief Medical Officer to continuously improve communication of value proposition
– Close first 3-5 customers this year for a pilot program
– Build and scale the BD & sales organization in the near term

Algorithm Team Intern

– Implement waveform and spectral analysis algorithms on MATLAB
– Optimize current algorithms and implement in C++
– Research and investigate new algorithms and implementations that provide better performance than current
– Participate in and support ongoing lab and field tests

Embedded Systems Engineer

– Design server/client applications in C/C++
– Algorithm implementation in C/C++
– Architect and develop APIs to servers and databases to control Echo Labs’ data flows
– Handle transfer of raw data streams from users to cloud via gateway server
– Design, build and operate cloud infrastructure for scale
– Design, build and operate a simple scalable SQL/noSQL hybrid database
– Maintain existing forks of the backend across different deployments

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